You'll be Frozen In your Tracks.


Name -

Profundis Glacies Abysso

Age -


Location -

Unknown. last seen at a Club in Paris

Sex -


Weapons & Armor -

Level 10 Fire Aspect Ender GreatSword Ice Bow, 1,000 Decibel Noise Cannon,Ender Warrior Armor, Level 8 Ender Shield

Race -

73% Ender, 26% Human, 0.000000000000000000000000000012% Dark Matter

Relatives -

WTFcraft101, creepersbeware47

Other Physical Info -

Lost left arm and replaced with android arm. Since the dark matter in which was used to take out some of his ender D.N.A that one percent also replaced part of his mind with false memories.

-yoshicraft01's War Cry. when you hear it you're probably already dead.


yoshicraft01 is the 13th Leader of the End ruling the Icy Parts of the End. Currently he is still a teenager. About 16, but In human years 5,017. His father never had time for him and his mother died when he was 43 (human years)

He grew up under the assistance of his Advisor, Acor. He has a sister and a brother. His favorite color is blue. He currently works for a Music Company called Sigma Nation in the real world posing as a Minecraft Canadian Music Producer. so is his brother.


a Very cold person most of the time he is 100% Bipolar and can change his emotions whenever he wants to.





Currently working as A music producer, has had 200 years of non-stop training in combat.

If you see him do not engage in battle. If you engage in battle, you WILL NOT win unless you know his weakness.

Friends and Afiolates

Male: Blazeworm, Arcticwolf(the numbers at the end of his name are forgotten in memory), Zelot395(numbers at the end are not certain, probably are), creepersbeware47, pikminlover1234, DannyHampton, baconsk8tr, baconskaters, CongruousJake, slayer45, deltacommander15, Jackey8128(owned by two people this one is the brother), others.

Female: WTFcraft101, Livvybuckets101, SuperDiePotato, SebrinaxD, EkolarasMiner, Kitivyl, poseidonvzeus, HappyNapkins, Surferturtle, Willowlove1, Serroa73, Jackey8128(owned by two people this one is the sister), Zgirl03, zombiegirl20, Kiera123, blazer50cal, others.


- His Human name is Ollie

- He has two siblings disguised as friends

- Was kidnapped by santa once

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