Once upon a time, there lived two wolves. One was named Harry and the other was Larry. They romped around every day and scuttled through the grass. "Hey Harry!" Larry barked loudly. " A person is coming!" Harry wax taken aback and tried to do a cute expression. It was a person named Steve who had brown hair, blue-purple eyes, a turquoise T-Shirt, and jeans. "Here you go cute little fellow!" Steve said sweetly. " You too little guy." Larry and Harry were tamed and followed Steve back to his house. It had a comfy feeling and a nice entrance. Surrounding Steve's house was a giant village surrounded by a 90 foot stone wall. But then a terrible day struck. As Larry went out to fight with Steve, a Creeper decided to come by. "Sssssss!" A sound went. Larry turned around and try to sprint away but it was too late. The Creeper exploded sending Larry off his paws. "No!" Steve shouted. He sliced the Creeper's head off and rushed over to where Larry had been thrown. Larry gave a whine and Steve carried him home. Harry was terrified and worried at the same time. He thought Larry would be ok but the next day, Larry died. Harry knew something now. He lost a great friend. AND LARRY WAS GONE. Forever.

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