Niklaus Spada
The royal portrait of Niklaus Spada

Date of birth:

March 27, 1847

Social rank:

Crown Prince




Elijah Spada


Katherine Bethlen


Elena Spada (eldest sister)


Mikhail Spada (younger brother)


Johnathan Spada (youngest brother)


Immortal human

Niklaus Spada, the eldest son, and child of the Emperor and Empress Spada of Minecraftia is the Crown Prince of Minecraftia. He is the rightful heir to the throne of Minecraftia, and will rule until his dying breath, after which he will be given the highest of respect at his funeral, and have his remains stored in the tomb under the castle of Minecraftia where his ancestors have been stored for the past 14 centuries.

To be continued...

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