Vecton156 is a creeper hunter who hunts creepers for a price and for the thrill of it.

Becoming a creeper hunter

Vecton was once a miner with a dog called Gray as his only friend. Then one day, while mining, 5 creepers attempted to kill Vecton. Gray attacked the creepers to defend Vecton, the 5 creepers blew up and Gray was tragically killed in the explosion while Vecton was horribly scarred. Vecton then continued to keep Gray's bones in Gray's memory. He continues to hunt creepers , Gray's death fueling his grudge against creepers. His main enemy is the creeper king, as the creeper king sent the creepers that killed Gray

Gray's death avenged

Vecton153, 15 years after Gray's death, Vecton was contracted to kill the creeper king. Tracking the creeper king to his castle, Vecton stormed the caste and killed all of his creeper guards. Vecton then reaches the creeper king's chamber and confronts the creeper king. The creeper king then charged at Vecton and a the two engaged in a sword fight. At first, they clash swords, then the creeper king disarmed Vecton and knocked him to the ground. Undettered, Vecton leapt up, grabbed his sword and then impaled the creeper king through the face. As the creeper was about to self-destruct, Vecton was fortunately able to leap out of a window just before the creeper king exploded.


Before Gray's death, Vecton was an active and happy guy, and cared for Gray deeply. After Gray's death, Vecton became a grim, anti social person and held a deep vendetta against creepers ever since Gray was killed.

Weapons and abilities

Vecton is a skilled runner, being able to outrun any player and is very athletic. He is also a skilled fighter and can use a sword with ease. Vecton is also very athletic and acrobatic, being able to actrobatically dodge anything

Vecton's main weapons are a bow with fire aspect II for long range and a diamond sword for close combat.

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