Lately I've been working really hard in real life to save up some money to get a minecraft server. So far I've done excellent and now I have my very own server! I won't be selfish here, so I will make it the Official Minecraft Players Wiki server! :).

Slots - 24

This Server will be called BrixCraft named after a clan on Brick-Force :) Strike that it'll called "Olex Craft" for now on. The server will focus on mostly PVE and may or may not have a PvP arena.

Who will be the admins?

The admins here on Minecraft Players Wiki will have a choice to become an admin but further more they have to agree to all the rules and enforce all the rules.


  • Genlawrence


  1. Please keep swearing to a minimum.
  2. No Griefing.
  3. No Flaming or Raging.
  4. No hacking oh any sorts.
  5. No spamming.
  6. Plant a sapling when you take down a tree (Were going green).
  7. Use Common Sense.
  8. No killing people in a non-pvp area.
  9. No X-Ray Texture Packs

Suggest more rules in comments below


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