This page is going to be for updates, Meaning any admin can add this

April 6 2012:

  • New Favicon
  • New Background
  • Minecraft Players Wiki enters Alpha
  • Alot is to come, please meet on chat
  • Chat is Added
  • Message Walls are added (Hey, this is to make it easy to message people)
  • Added Auto-Refresh Button

April 7 2012:

  • Started working on admin highlighting
  • B'crafts now have the highlight color "Golden"
  • Sysops will now have the hightlight color of somewhat Darkgreen
  • Rules has been added

April 8 2012:

  • Edgar becomes Sysop of Servers
  • Changed toolbar image
  • Changed Mainpage Heading
  • Server Rules has been added

April 10 2012:

  • Sir Atronach has been promoted to admin
  • Wiki reaches over 200 edits
  • Wiki reaches over 20 pages

April 11 2012

    • Thanks to Batorhos, we now have a new theme!
    • Batorhos is now the Administrator of MediaWiki Code.
    • New Wordmark by Bator!
    • New Main page by Bator!

April 14-18:

  • New admin colors for admins thanks to Bator
  • New Highlight colors for admins thanks to Bator
  • More organized pages thanks to Sir Atronach

April 27-28:

  • Wiki reaches over 2,000 edits!
  • Featured Article Of The Week (FAOTW) Coming Soon!
  • Featured Build Of The Month (FBOTW) Coming Soon! (Blog up)
  • New Favicon has been added! Its "The Book & Quill" it represents our wiki of our Fanon Stories! :)

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