• Sharple

    Newsletter Issue 1

    June 18, 2014 by Sharple

    Hello wikians! This is my first newsletter, I apologized if it's too short or it's too uninteresting.

    The wiki was born in 2011, however, there wasn't a lot of activity, nearly all of the administrator has either vanished or quit Wikia entirely. Since the whole administration has disappeared that just leaves me to handle the wiki. My goals for this wiki is to get a total of at least 20 active editors, and have at least another 4 more administrators when we reach enough active editors. There will be a lot more changes coming in the near future, some will be great, some will change the rules, and some will help you out.

    My main objective at the moment is to create a friendly environment so everyone can have a good time, and not to worry about anyt…

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  • Sharple


    June 30, 2012 by Sharple

    Lately I've been working really hard in real life to save up some money to get a minecraft server. So far I've done excellent and now I have my very own server! I won't be selfish here, so I will make it the Official Minecraft Players Wiki server! :).

    Slots - 24

    This Server will be called BrixCraft named after a clan on Brick-Force :) Strike that it'll called "Olex Craft" for now on. The server will focus on mostly PVE and may or may not have a PvP arena.

    The admins here on Minecraft Players Wiki will have a choice to become an admin but further more they have to agree to all the rules and enforce all the rules.

    • Mega2098

    • Genlawrence

    1. Please keep swearing to a minimum.
    2. No Griefing.
    3. No Flaming or Raging.
    4. No hacking oh any sorts.
    5. No spamming.
    6. Plant a sapli…

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  • Sharple

    In this snapshot is one of the very best yet to come in 1.3 Here's what Mojang has added in this snapshot:

    • New Gravel texture
    • Added Ender Chest
    • Added Pyramids
    • Added Trading items with villagers
    • Added Sandstone chairs
    • Added a currency item (Which is "Emeralds")
    • Added another version of the Golden Apple

    So far I haven't really figured any bugs expect some of them. If you can find any comment on this blog!

    • Emerald Ore is red
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  • Sharple

    Minecraft is finally gonna be available on Xbox! costing only 1,600 Microsoft points!

    Who's going to get a xbox?

    Who's going to get the game :P

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  • Sharple

    Stronghold Found!

    May 6, 2012 by Sharple

    Hello Minecrafters I just found my very own Stronghold, but it comes with a twist there is no End portal sadly. I founded it without ender eyes, just mineless digging (lol) I found this stronghold on tamas's server where recently him and his friend (Step) founded another one...

    When you think it couldn't be possible... :P

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