Like it says, this mod adds computers ^^

There are serveral items that are added to the game(all crafting recipes listed below).

  • Silicon dust
  • PCB
  • Computer
  • Printer
  • CD
  • CD Drive
  • Router
  • IR Transciever
  • Monitor

Silicon dust is found between the layers 1 and 25. It has a rarity between Iron and Gold.

A PCB is crafted using Silicon Dust and Redstone Dust.

# = Redstone Dust, @ = Silicon Dust

#@# @#@


The Computer is crafted using Silicon Dust, Iron Ingots, PCBs and Redstone Dust:

# = Redstone Dust, @ = Silicon Dust, $ = PCB, % = Iron Ingot




Printer has as purpose to take and print books, when commanded by a Computer(commands listed below):

  1. = Redstone Dust, $ PCB, % Iron ore, & = Inc Sac

$    $



CDs are crafted by placing 3 Iron Ingots like this:

% = Iron Ingot


IR Transciever can instantly recieve infinite amounts of data over an infinite distance, but it has one limitation: It needs to be in a straight line with another IR Transciever, without any blocks between the line. The signal will go through Glass Blocks, Glass Panes and Ice, but that will distort half of the data recieved; 50% of the characters recieved will be replaced by a set of random characters and question marks.

# = Redstone Dust, $ = PCB, % = Iron Ingot, ! = Glass Pane

% !%



A CD Drive needs an IR Transciever, Iron Ingots, Redstone Dust and a PCB:

# = Redstone Dust, $ = PCB, % = Iron Ingot, + = IR Transciever




The Router may be used to wirelessy connect computers like the IR Transciever can without having to be in a straight line, but(!) it has a range of 48 meters(blocks) and a range of 16 during a thunderstorm! Also, when placed above layer 80, it has a range of 72, which is decreased to 56 during a thunderstorm.

# = Redstone Dust, $ = PCB, % = Iron Ingot, * = Redstone Torch

% *%



The monitor can be connected to a computer, and it will display the screen output of the connected computer which can be viewed without peering into the computer itself. When placed next to each other, they will join together to allow for larger screens(useful when building automated Minecart Train Stations!)

Prgrams are the greatest part, they make the computer do lots of stuff with the hardware youve obtained! They can be in 4 languages: Java, C, Lua and Phyton. The language used in a program is defined by its extention like on normal computers.

NOTE: I will continue this later.

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