So yes, if you gone on the server you have probably heard about the train system I am doing.I am sitll working out the stuff like where to put everything and what should go where.Here is the lsit of stuff that will be going to from RockAndDirt station:

  • HNYs house (needs station, wood, redstone torches, path, track, and minecart)
  • Concoa station (needs redstone torches)
  • to Joses house (needs wood, station, track, redstone torches, path, and minecart)
  • to RockAndDirt outpost and forst (needs wood, station, track, redstone torches, path, and minecart)

Any places you want to see appear please tell me in the comments.We do not have a central station yet so if you can find a spot for a central station i will pay you $1000 on the server.The area thouh has to be something like a plains area, near a forst for wood and have people living near it that can mantain the place.

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