So, I was looking for mods the other day when I stumbled upon a certain cape mod that looked cool. I then found that you can make your own capes. I saw that they can be seen by otehr users, and so, I got an idea. Many people on this Wiki seem to like mods, so I was wondering, what if people on the Wiki installed the cape mod, and we all shared a custom cape that showed we were each a part of this Wiki? Now, not everyone has to install it, but I just thought this would be a good idea, considering so many people are on this WIki, and this could be a cool way to identify each other in-game. I know I'm not great at desiginig, so I had a suggestion; if anyone wants to step up and make a cool cape, be my guest, but if not, I'll make it. If people don't want to make the cape, but he/she has a cool idea, I'm open to any ideas. Literally anything (except nudity and gore).

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