New Feature

  • Improved Superflat world generation
    • Drops when killing a Wither
    • Used to craft the Beacon block
    • Glows like an enchanted item
    • Screenshot
  • Added a new mob variant in the Nether
    • "Wither Skeletons"
    • Screenshot
    • Carry and rarely drop Stone swords when killed by players
    • Drop bones and coal
    • Give players "Wither" effect when hitting them - via
  • Improved the Wither
    • Is summoned by arranging a few mob heads in a certain way
    • Place 4 pieces of soulsand in a T-shape and place 3 Wither Skeleton Skulls on top to create it
    • Drops a Nether Star on death
    • Give players "Wither II" effect when hitting them
    • After spawning, it flashes blue, builds up health, grows slightly and is invincible for a few seconds
    • Constantly regenerates health
    • Retextured Wither Armor
    • Screenshots
    • Darkens the sky when spawned in the Overworld
  • Improved the Beacon block
  • Improved Breeding
    • You either put a potato or a carrot on a stick to control it - It is a carrot
    • Screenshot
    • Craft a fishing rod with a carrot to get a carrot on a stick
    • When held, it dictates the direction pigs you are riding will head to
    • Nearby pigs flock towards the player if he is holding the carrot on a stick
  • Improved mob spawners
    • Leather armor now uses two overlayed textures, one being the color
    • Minor changes to the leather dyeing - the colors will attempt to maintain intensity and not dilute as much
  • Fixed some bugs


(Warning: Innapropriate reference at the top of the list of updates.)

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