• David Dooda

    Wikia Texture Pack

    November 17, 2012 by David Dooda

    Many people use and/or make custom texture packs based on things they like or commonly do. So, I decided to make a Wikia texture pack! It will have players on the Wikia as mobs, and also different looks. Basically, everything will be custom. If you'd like to be a part of teh texture pack, for example, you want your face in a frame or something, then please leave a comment below.

    josefurnace - Enderman

    StpehenPOTCO - Villager

    AlReyesSpark - Zombie

    Rocket_93 - Skeleton

    99th Slayer - Zombie Pigman

    Skull53 - Frame

    The download is currently unavailable, check back later!

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  • David Dooda

    So, I was looking for mods the other day when I stumbled upon a certain cape mod that looked cool. I then found that you can make your own capes. I saw that they can be seen by otehr users, and so, I got an idea. Many people on this Wiki seem to like mods, so I was wondering, what if people on the Wiki installed the cape mod, and we all shared a custom cape that showed we were each a part of this Wiki? Now, not everyone has to install it, but I just thought this would be a good idea, considering so many people are on this WIki, and this could be a cool way to identify each other in-game. I know I'm not great at desiginig, so I had a suggestion; if anyone wants to step up and make a cool cape, be my guest, but if not, I'll make it. If peopl…

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  • David Dooda

    Snapshot 12w36a is out!

    September 6, 2012 by David Dooda
    • Improved Superflat world generation
      • You can now select the height and material superflat worlds are made of
      • Screenshots
      • You can select which layer is how high and consists of which material
      • So far, no GUI is available - You can edit the level.dat file, as mentioned here - Example in this video
    • Added Wither Boss painting - via
    • Skeletons now spawn in the Nether
    • Added "Nether Star" Item
      • Drops when killing a Wither
      • Used to craft the Beacon block
      • Glows like an enchanted item
      • Screenshot
    • Added a new mob variant in the Nether
      • "Wither Skeletons"
      • Screenshot
      • Carry and rarely drop Stone swords when killed by players
      • Drop bones and coal
      • Give players "Wither" effect when hitting them - via
    • Improved the Wither
      • Is summoned by arranging a few mob heads in a certain way
      • Place …
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  • David Dooda


    It's simple. I like making skins, people like new skins, you're all the people, so I make your new skins.

    Also, if you post you want me to edit a skin, put it on my message wall telling me you how you want me to change it and I'll do my best to do so.

    Requests are taken down below (or on my message wall if they are to be edited, not created).

    I do shading on skins, and I try to be as detailed as can be, but please don't hate me, I'm not perfect.

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