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Uber Minecraft
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IP Address

Maximum Members

750 Miners

Member Commands:

[CASINO] Allows you to spin the slot machines in the Uberminecraft Casino!
[CHESTSHOP BUY] Allows you to buy from a chest shop by right clicking the sign.
[CHESTSHOP CREATE] Allows you to create you very own chest shop.
[CHESTSHOP SELL] Allows you to sell to a chest shop by left clicking the sign.
[KEEP ITEMS/XP] Receive back all your items/xp on death.
/addpartymember [playername] Start a Dungeon party by inviting someone first!
/kickPartyMember [playername] Kick a player out of your Dungeon Party.
/back Teleports you back to where you last died.
/balance Displays your money in chat.
/compass Displays the direction your facing (N E S W) and degree.
/depth Displays how many block above sea level you are.
/getpost Displays the exact xyz position you are standing
/help,/help 2,/help 3 Displays a list of available commands and descriptions.
/helpop [message] Sends the message to the server OP for help.
/home,/sethome [homename] Teleports you to your home! set home with /sethome home
/home [playername] [homename] Teleports you to someone elses home.
/ignore [playername] Ignores a player from sending you messages.
/info Binds the info command to your selected tool. Displays info of block.
/kit residence Receive wooden axe to mark pos1 and pos2 before using the /res create command.
/kit tools Receive basic tools.
/list Lists the players online.
/motd Displays the servers set message of the day.
/msg [toplayer] [message] Sends a message to a specific player.
/pay [playername] [amount] Pays a player the given amount.
/ping Detects the lag between you and the server. Server is hosted in USA.
/r Replies back to a player that sent you a message.
/rules Displays server rules.
/seen Displays last logout time of a player.
/sethome [homename],/home Sets the teleport location when you type /home.
/spawn Teleports you to the server main city.
/suicide Kills your player (You don't loose items/xp) great if your stuck.
/tpa [playername] Requests another player if you can teleport to them.
/tpaccept Accepts a teleport request.
/tpdeny Denies a teleport request.
/warp [warpname] Teleports you to a warp destination.
/ma join [arenaname] Joins a mob arena ex. /ma join arena1, /ma join arena2
/ma leave Leave a mob arena.
/ma spectate [arenaname] Spectate a mob arena.
/res create [name] Creates a protected residence. use /kit residence to receive a wooden axe to select the bottom left corner, and top corner (pos1,pos2) before using this command. Donators receive higher /res limits.

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