Tyxyx is a player whose story is very complicated.


Tyxyx was orphaned as a kid. He was raised buy some kind villagers in a plains biome. There he met a young fellow player, Qazws. They quickly learned to fight and by the time they turned ten, were defending their village from attackers. But, one fateful day, an attack from a neighboring village destroyed their village. They were the only survivors. As Tyxyx looked at the burning rubble that was once his home, he vowed that he would get revenge on the village that destroyed almost everything that mattered to him. He bid farewell to Qazws and left everything he knew behind him.

On the first night Tyxyx got into an encounter with a skeleton. He attempted to defend himself but an arrow hit his left eye, blinding that eye. He lost the fight, ending up nearly dying.

Tyxyx (artist-0spore13

Later, he returned to the placed where his village once stood and in its place, a temple devoted entirely to Skydoesminecraft in its place. Enraged, he vowed to destroy the place and all it stood for.

(Adding more later)

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