Towergame the science guy

Lives In


Minecraft name


Account created on



Science School Of Tech(banished)

Good at

Puzzles,Surviving and Targeting

Bad at


Story of Towergame

He was a great student when Prof.Wongemot was in charge.Then civil war happened and Prof.Wongemot vanished.Then former Prof.Ziglant toke over under Herobrines control while Towergame made some research about portals in his base Herobrine was on killing spree then he got weak Towergame finnaly found out Herobrine can be banished from this world by closing the portal but then he got banished from Spacetropolis.He went on searching and he found a village under Wongemots control Scipolis he joined the village and got friends with Stevecoolguy.He went back to research with hope he will banish Herobrine.


  • Towergame skin is a scienist with 'it wasnt me face'

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