"I put torches down so I wouldn't melt the friggin ice!" -TobyTurner


So far, he's created over 400 episodes of Minecraft gameplay on his TobyGames channel. The first 31 videos are labelled "Part #" while all videos afterwards are simply just tilted.

When he first started playing on Minecraft, he had absolutely no knowledge of the pixilated world, but over time he has learned via experience and reading up online.

Many players use mods including Toby, who uses his mods for special items and new dimensions.

As of 5/5/2013 Tobuscus has stop playing Minecraft after that day, making many Minecraft fans requesting if Toby can play the game again.


His appearance is based of himself. The only difference is that instead of the whole word  on his T-Shirt, he instead has a T written shirt which the T stands for Tobuscus (which is his nickname)

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