Causes: depletion in Resources, Insurgent Attacks against The Knights Templar, Herobrine led Invasion of the Sirian Republic.

Span: 1815-1867

Territories lost and Gained: Herobrine gains the Great Mesa, but loses all other territories

Result: Decisive Victory by the Forces of Gamechap, fall of Israphel's Empire, formation of the Second Minecraftian Empire


The Forces of Gamechap

The squids of justice

The Knights Templar

The Sirian Republic

The Yogscast Empire

The Bajan-Bacca Empire

Uberhaxornova's Hegemony

KeiranGL's Repbulic

SyndHD's Fleet

Republic of Sterile Studios

Herobrine's Forces

Herobrine's Empire

The Creeper Empire

Empire of The end

Israphel's Empire

The DaylightOwl's empire


The Forces of Gamechap


Bertiechap Templar Adaphon Sir Squidington FrancDaily Lewis Simon


Sjin Bajan




Syndicate Project



Sterile Studios

Herobrine's Forces



The Daylight Owl

The Third Minecraftian War is A series of Battles and Occupations across not only the entire minecraft continent, but also the end and nether. This war was mainly shown in Quest for the golden monocle, as well as shadow of israphel and the daylight own watches. The Third minecraft war was not the longest, but the brutalest and deadliest. killing as much as 200 000 000 people and 480 000 000 creepers in total. The war lasted 52 years

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