The last days of Herobrine.

It was cold, dark, damp.Not a sign of light for miles.No cows, sheep, anything of the sort.He turned his head to the left.He was there.The sword in his hand, sharp as a blade of grass and fully crafted out of diamond came plunging down on him.It was only a matter of time.He was weak.The blade sunk its way through the depths of his body and came back out as if it were coming out of water.

Steve came out of his house to get to the breakfast gathering.The villagers greeted Steve with their usual "hrrrrm" and they walked with Steve all the way to the gathering hall.The king of Minecraft, Notch, stood at the great behind him and called out his morning welcome,"great morning everyone!we have some news to tell you all before we start the breakfast feast!"he continued."We have signs of Herobrine being dead!!"The crowed gasped and murmered at this comment."we have Steve to thank for this great deed he provided us!"Steve looked astonished.He wasn't the one responsible for killing Herobrine."But I wasn't the one to kill Herobrine! You made a mistake!"The king replied in a mumble,"of course you killed him".Steve just stood there in anger.The number one thing that he hated most was being told he did something when he didn't do it, even if it made him a hero.The crowd cheered at his fake victory.Steve thought that maybe he was set up, framed in a way that might kill him eventually,"Maybe Herobrine set it up,"He thought.He could see the trap in it.Herobrine has wanted Steve dead for a very long time.When Steve thought about it, he could see Herobrines plans come together.He was usually really smart though, how could his plans be so visible?Steve was thinking that his plan was to fake his death so that he could come back again and the villagers would think that Steve is still the hero and make him fight Herobrine to his death.Steve didn't want to die.He wanted to make his life long and full of adventures, but because of this, his life is at a high risk.

After the breakfast gathering, Steve ran back to his home to continue building his farm.His family had owned that farm since Stevius Cube the first existed.The farm has been expanding and expanding over the past three hundered years.Farming was Steves favorite hobby.He ran inside his home and pulled out Pumpkins, Melons, and Wheat seeds out of his giant farming chest.Then he yanked his hoe off of the nightstand next to his bed.He darted outside and block after block he hoed, hoed until no untouched dirt was visible as far as his eyes could see.Then came the seeds.He ran through the fields again, planting each seed at a time.


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