The Shadow of Israphel (pronounced Is-rah-fel) series by the Yogscast members Lewis and Simon on YouTube is an adventure of many horrors, discoveries and even some evil cloning device. Lewis and Simon were about to witness the horrors of the night unprotected until they built a small, dark shack in a forest by a tree. After doing research on their series, they created some sort of cave called the Yogcave. It was a very fine build I agree, but something horrible happened in one of their episodes. They were building a tower above the Yogcave when a pale-faced creeper man with red eyes attacked from above. It was a mystery they never knew about. After some more construction of the tower, they noticed a structure in the ice, an igloo! They decided to check it out, they later then discover it was that sneaky little Israphel. They then noticed a little pyramid in the distance and then traveled to it. Didn't end up unharmed after the visit, they were badly burned of much lava burning them. It was a little on of Israphel's games, but they finally completed it with burns and scars to find nothing of value in the prize chests but some crap, but they took it anyway. Then they discovered a bridge to

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