The Second Minecraftian War began almost instantly after the First, just a matter of years following the defeat of the Templar Order. The Second Minecraftian War was largely based around the oppression, censorship, excessive worship of prophets and political leaders, and the whereabouts of the mysterious Vox Populi, an underground militaristic group that, some speculate, could be attempting to spark a Minecraftian Revolution.

The Battle of Minascus

It is said that the Battle of Minascus officially sparked the War. The event quickly followed the official emergence of the Vox Populi, attempting to charge through the gates of Minascus and reclaim the city from their former captors. The battle resulted in the liberation of Minascus by the Vox Populi, and the attention of many Minecraftian factions.

The Battle of the Diamond Sphere

Months after the victory of the Vox at Minascus, the group had gained much support and equipment for war. It is around this time the Vox Populi first started wearing Creeper heads. Seeking materials, the Vox attempted to excavate the massive Diamond sphere constructed by Caesar's Legion in the warring land of Los Reyes. The Vox were able to excavate a very partial amount of the diamonds before the 7th Cavalry of the United Legion retaliated with great force, armed with longbows and loaded blunderbusses. The battle lasted several hours, however in the end the 7th Cavalry had driven the Vox Populi away from the Diamond temple. Unfortunately for them, however, the Vox did not walk away empty handed - They now had a sufficient supply of diamonds for war.

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