Welcome to my little collection of short stories. Some of these are scary, some funny, and some are just plain weird (although all are meant to be a little creepy due to Halloween coming up). So, for the sake of your mortality, I must warn you, these stories will make you rethink life as you know it. Just kidding. But seriously, there's a lot of reading ahead for you. So I leave you one message; Have fun.

The Reinvention of Monster Cookie

Before reading this story, read the first story I made, Monster Cookie and also my page AwesomeA321.


The great doctor Ishnarp was working hard in his lab late at night, trying to resurrect his dead pet zombie, Frank. It had just sat up for a second, but looked at the doctor with wide eyes, and died again. The doctor went to his notes and recorded what had just happened. At that very moment, Ishnarp's newly hired intern, DirtMan walked in. "Hi." He said, just standing at the entrance to the doctor's lab and staring. "Hello." Ishnarp replied back. "Do ya need anything?" DirtMan asked. "No, nothing at all." Ishnarp answered, sidetracked by his notes. "Okie dokie." DirtMan said. He then turned to the table where the rotting corpse of Frank lay. "What's this?" The doctor looked up from his notes. He hesitated before saying,"An.... experiment." DirtMan curiously poked Frank. He sat up, looked at him, and went "Shhhh!" He then lay back down, pretending to be dead. "Err..." DirtMan said. He then turned to walk out, but the doctor finished writing and looking over his notes and stopped him in his tracks. "DirtMan, after looking over my notes, I noticed I'm missing one key ingredient. You." "Me?" DirtMan asked, a bit surprised. "Yes. You see, I need a type of natural resource to use on the zombie. It seems to be scared of me, and giving it a natural resource may remind it of its birthplace, giving it a feeling of comfort. That's where you come in. I take a small chunk of your dirt, make it into a potion, and give it to the zombie." Said the doctor. "Me?" Repeated DirtMan. He was a bit worried, knowing that the last time he was used for an experiment, it didn't go so well (See "The Bride Of DirtMan"). The doctor stepped up to DirtMan, broke a chunk off of his shoulder, and then quickly ran over to the cauldron and dropped it in. "Now, you may go." The doctor said, motioning towards the door. DirtMan exited the lab. The doctor then resumed his work.

Later that night, the doctor had decided to go to bed, as he was very tired. He exited the lab, but left the door wide open. Even later that night, a group of something had gotten into the lab. They bounced their way towards the cauldron, and when they where in front of it, the leader of the group shouted,"Geronimo!" and jumped in. The others followed, and the mixture sizzled and popped, and after a very long time, the remains of the creatures floated to the surface; Melted chocolate chips and cookie dough.

The next morning, the doctor went to the lab to find Frank in a different position than the day before. Ishnarp ignored this and went straight to the cauldron. He noticed a bit of discoloration, but just went on with adding ingredients. He soon finished the potion and called in DirtMan. "I want you to witness the creation of secondhand life." Ishnarp walked over to the table and rolled his zombie over. He opened his mouth, took the cork off the potion, and poured it in. The zombie's eyes sprung open. It sat up. "FINALLY!" Ishnarp happily yelled.But something was amiss. The zombie wasn't moving. It started making grunting sounds. All of the sudden, it started to turn light brown. It then grew little bumps that looked like chocolate chips. "W-what?" The doctor was shocked and took a step back. The zombie then started to turn into a circle-ish shape. When he was changing, he looked like a giant cookie, but with a face. DirtMan immediately recognized this cookie, and grabbed the doctor, "Wha-" He said, but was cut off by DirtMan."No time to explain, we need to go." The doctor followed DirtMahn as the giant cookie began to follow. They left the building and ran to a nearby forest. They dug a hole and fell into a cave. DirtMan sealed the hole, put down some torches, and blocked off the rest of the cave. "What just happened? Why did you take me here? What happened to Frank?" Ishnarp asked DirtMan many questions. DirtMan started to explain, "That potion had something in it. Something that caused the zombie, Frank, to transform into a giant living cookie known as 'Monster Cookie.' Something got into that potion that-" DirtMan cut himself off. He remembers the little duplicates of Monster Cookie that he had escaped. "The duplicates!" He shouted in anger. "They must have gotten into the mixture!" "Duplicates?" Asked Ishnarp. DirtMan then proceeded to retell the previous events involving Monster Cookie to Ishnarp. At the end, his mouth hung in awe. "So, my pet zombie has basically become the host of this 'Monster Cookie'?" Asked Ishnarp. "Pretty much." DirtMan replied. "I think its safe to surface, now." DirtMan took all the torches and dug a hole to the surface, only to find a mob of miniature Monster Cookies awaiting him. The doctor stood next to DirtMan. "I have an idea." DirtMan whispered to him. "On the count of three, you give me every weapon you have. I'll hold them off while you go to the lab and try to get any lethal materials to destroy them. Deal?" "Deal." Ishnarp replied. "Okay, one..." DirtMan said, pulling out his diamond sword and getting ready. "Two...." He stood his ground, and dug his feet into the grass. "THREE!" The doctor dropped all his weapons, including some potions. He then ran back to the lab while DirtMan sliced and diced the Mini-Cookie Monsters. He started to notice their remains where piling up. After finishing the mob off, he noticed their remains all slip in a pile and morph into Monster Cookie bigger than three ghasts. DirtMan ran towards the lab. He got inside and heard a large thud. He felt the building shake and noticed the large crumbling hole in the wall and the hole in the floor where the door once stood.

The Monster Cookie had vanished. DirtMan still ran to the lab and looked for Ishnarp. He was standing over the cauldron. "I think I found a way to reverse the effects of the potion! But it will take some time. But, wait, where is the Monst-" Before Ishnarp could finish, the Cookie burst through the ceiling. Ishnarp grabbed the cauldron and ran out for the lab. "GIVE ME FIVE MINUTES AND I'LL HAVE THE ANTIDOTE!" yelled Ishnarp, obviously troubled and scared. DirtMan became angry, thinking of what the Monster cost him. "You took my uncle's life, now its time I take yours!" He jumped on top of the Cookie and stabbed its eye with the sword. The Monster then became very angry. It fell back. DirtMan jumped off him and ran over to a random cabinet. He grabbed a random potion, opened it up, and splashed it on the Cookie. It then grew limbs and became larger in size. DirtMan looked at the potion label,"Enhancement/Evolution Serum." DirtMan hesitated, The monster stood back up. DirtMan pulled out a bow. He drew back the arrow. He shot the monster. No effect. He tried again. Still no effect. Then, as he was about to take his third shot, IshNarp stopped him. "I finished the potion! Catch!" He threw it to DirtMan. DirtMan caught it. He then coated the point of his arrow in it and shot the monster. It groaned and shrank to the size of a human. It changed back into Frank, who stood there for two seconds and then fainted. Ishnarp put him on the table he was on before turning into Monster Cookie. "Well, looks like I'm going to have to repair the lab. Thank you for saving Frank and I, intern, but you're fired." Ishnarp said. "I assumed as much." Said DirtMan. "But about the building, I have an idea." "What is it?" Asked Ishnarp. "It involves miniature cookies, wolves, and lots of Franks." DirtMan said with a slight grin. "Oh my... I'll, err.... look into it." Ishnarp said nervously.

~ END ~

Alternate Ending

"I finished the potion! Catch!" He threw it to DirtMan. DirtMan didn't hear and turned at the wrong time. The potion hit him straight in the face. He yelled in pain. The Monster Cookie looked away from DirtMan and towards the source of the potion; The Doctor. It quickly ran over and grabbed Ishnarp. DirtMan looked up as the pain of the toxic potion wore off and saw the Cookie running off with Ishnarp in hand. DirtMan ran after his but started to notice where it was heading: the jungle. It ran over and DirtMan followed in a hot pursuit. It then went to the tallest tree in the jungle and climbed up it. It stood at the top. The tree was at least 120 blocks high. DirtMan began climbing the vines when he stopped and noticed a flock of chickens. He then had an idea.

Meanwhile, Ishnarp was trying to bite the Cookie's hand in an attempt to eat its way through like DirtMan did to escape it before, but it had no effect. The hand just kept regrowing. Then, out of nowhere, Ishnarp saw a cloud that made the sounds of a flock of chickens flying up to him. As it got closer, he figured it out. It was a flock of chickens. He was surprised to see DirtMan riding it. DirtMan then drew his bow and was about to shoot the monster, but then remembered how it hadn't affected him before. He decided to do the drastic thing. He threw a bunch of wheat at the Monster. The chickens quickly flew after it and ate it. They were now on the tree. The Monster roared at DirtMan. At that moment, he got another great idea. He pulled out more wheat and jumped into the monster. The chickens followed. Ishnarp didn't know what would happen to DirtMan, but he heard a shout from him inside the monster, "ISHNARP, RUN!!!" Ishnarp heard pecking, clucking, and many gulps. The Monster's hand then released him. Ishnarp fell to another tree and watched as chickens devoured him from the inside out. Ishnarp didn't see DirtMan. All he saw was the Monster Cookie dissolving as a white cloud slowly swept over it from the inside out. Ishnarp then called for DirtMan, but no response. He decided to head back to the lab. He jumped from tree to tree. When he got back to the lab, he had noticed he lost two friends today; Frank and DirtMan. He felt sad about it, but decided to wait a few days for DirtMan to return. He never did. So, under the very tree where DirtMan killed Monster Cookie, Ishnarp left a memorial to DirtMan.

A few days later, he returned and was shocked to find a note that said,"Thanks, I always wanted a statue. Especially one that reminded me of a friend. -D.M."

~ END ~

Strange Tales From Arsenic Village

It may help for you to read the page Rocket_93.

My name is Rocket_93. I am feared in some lands, and loved in others. I'm here to tell you of my time in "Arsenic Village," as the strange locals called it. Let me start from the beginning. I was starving, hot, and tired . There was nothing but dirt for miles. I could feel the suns burning rays penetrating my sunburned dry skin. I needed water. And food. And sleep. The thing I thought about most was my family. My beautiful wife, Abigail, and my smart son, Connor. I missed them. I would see them soon enough, once I found the ranch. I then began to think of how great it would be to be in a snowy forest instead of a barren desert. Then, the village appeared. I was surprised. It was large, and it was snowing, too. Oddly enough, I looked around and there was snow everywhere, even though it was a desert. I ignored the random white blanket over the desert and went to a villager. This villager didn't look like villagers from other towns. It still had the Squidward nose, but it had a small head and longer arms that were separate instead of being folded. I noticed the traits were the same for the rest of the villagers here. I asked it where I was, and it said in a dull whisper,"This is Arsenic, beware the creatures." I wondered what he meant, but ignored it. I asked if there were any houses I could stay in or any food I could have. "We have an empty house that's free, and it has food, weapons, tools, water, and a lone wolf. You can have it if you like. Just don't go into the mineshaft." I accepted the offer and quickly put my things in the chest. What the man said was true, there WAS food, weapons, tools, and water. The only thing I couldn't find was the wolf. I decided to go around the village and look for him. I met some the villagers. After searching the whole village, I couldn't find him. I decided to go to the last house which was made of dead wood and obsidian. I knocked on the door. No answer. I knocked again, No answer. I knocked one last time. I heard the floorboards creak, and footsteps aplenty, but still no answer. I then opened the door. I saw a man, no taller than I was. He had the same shape as me. He dressed like in a suit. He was a human. I asked him various questions, like what he was doing in the village. His name is Jack Todd. He found this village once and decided to stay here. He is very anti-social and awkward. He acts odd, as if he's trying to keep something from me. I shook his hand, and was glad to befriend another human. I left his house and forgot all about the wolf. It was late and I finally got some rest.

The next day, I further looked around the village, but the dog was nowhere. I was bored but didn't want to leave yet. I decided to visit the man again. He was wearing the same suit he did yesterday. "Do you ever take that suit off?" I said, jokingly. He didn't seem to get it, and seemed a bit confused. He then asked if I knew how to make potions. I told him I was good, but not the best. He asked me if I knew who Herobrine was. I told him yes. He started asking me things like if I'd met him, and if I believed in curses and magic. I just responded no to the Herobrine questions and no to the curses and magic questions. He had a bit of an angry look on his face. I headed to the guest house and ate. I went to sleep. I had a dream that I was with the man in the suit. He was standing as he was. Herobrine walked up to us. While I drew my sword, the man stood there, waiting. When Herobrine came, he knocked me to the ground. I could barely see what happened, but it looked like Herobrine turned the man into some kind of creature. At that point, I woke up to a black furred dog shaking snow off and some of it landing on me. I sat up, wondering where it came from, then I got an idea. What if it came from the mineshaft? I thought to myself. I decided to explore it. That's where things went wrong. As I explored, found nothing but aggressive mobs, and the worst part is, I kept seeing this black thing swoop past me. Every time it went by me, the wolf started barking. I decided to leave, but just as I was about to, the man in the suit appeared. His suit was torn up and stained with blood, he had several cuts and scratches. I asked him why he was there, and he said that if he told me, I wouldn't believe him. I told him to test me, so he did just that.

He said that he worshiped Herobrine because Herobrine promised him great power. He, however, tricked the man into thinking the power would be something he could control, but the man found out the truth later. He found that the power was actually a transformation that make him a hideous yet powerful monster. He had to feed on things to survive, such as other people, or animals. The thing about the power was, the more he used it, the less he could control it. The wolf I had actually ended up becoming his friend, and would disappear for short amounts of time. Every time he came back, he told the suited man new methods to control his powers, but they only made it worse. He feared he would soon become this monster permanently. Then, when I came, he thought he could find some way for me to help. Possibly find a cure, or transfer the power, or something, but to no avail. He said all he can do now is worship Herobrine and beg he take the cursed power away, before its too late. I thought this whole thing was made up, so I laughed a bit, and said,"You should be an author!" He saw I didn't believe him, so he left.

The next morning, I woke up to find that the man was gone. His whole house was empty, and it was now made of the same materials as the other houses. I decided to look inside the house. I found a trapdoor. I went through it to find a dark hallway. At the very end was a nether portal. I went in and found a built Herobrine shrine. There was a sign by it that said "None are forgiven, greed kills." I knew what the sign meant. I looked to the top of the shrine to find the black wolf. I called for it, but when it turned to me, its eyes were all white. Fire charges flew from the spot it was standing and it was engulfed in flames. Where was once a black wolf was now Herobrine himself. I silently ran back through the portal, went out through the trapdoor, and set fire to the house. The villagers stared at me, but none stopped me. After the house was gone, I went into the hole that the trapdoor lead to and entered. I went to the end of the hall and destroyed the nether portal. I then set down TNT throughout the hall and exited. I lead a redstone wire to the front of the guest house, put down a lever, and triggered it. No villagers were hurt in the explosion. And I stood my ground, not moving an inch. I went into the guest house, packed my bag, and departed. I walked out of the village. I was glad to leave, and according to my map, I was close to home. I turned back to look at the village, but it was gone. No houses. No villagers. Not even the TNT crater. The one thing I saw was the black dog, staring at me with all white eyes. It couldn't talk, of course, but I knew we were both thinking the same thing; We'll meet again.

~ END ~

Alternate Ending

I thought this whole thing was made up, so I laughed a bit, and said,"You should be an author!" He saw I didn't believe him, so he left.

The next morning, I found the whole village empty. No villagers. Not even animals. I looked in the town well to find it drained out. I was a bit confused, but just looked around the town more. I went over to the man's house. I looked inside, and was horrified. There was blood everywhere. I went up the stairs and found something even worse. A large black creature that was too horrid for words lying dead. He wore the remains of what looked to be a suit. I looked up from the body to see the wolf. It stared at me, and then a message uttered in my head. "The curse must carry on." I pondered this message for a few seconds before screaming when I noticed what was happening. My arms were turning completely black, and my limbs were too. I uttered a yelp of pain as my back seemed to bend in all the wrong places. I examined myself. I had become the monster I was just staring at on the floor, except now, in its place was the man in the suit.


Since my trip to Arsenic, things have been different. I am the creature now. I have utter power that others dream of. I can change my form into anything I want. I have found this as a gift rather than a curse. But, there is a consequence. My friends and family are convinced I'm dead. I cannot go near them, for I may scare them, or worse. However, I have new friends. The monsters. They speak to me. They comfort me. And my family is the moonlight. But if I ever come in contact with another being, I plan to pass on my gift to them. While I enjoy the gift, it has kept me alive through events I shouldn't live to see. I've had it hundreds, maybe thousands of years. I just hope I do not suffer the same fate as the black suited man. The one from that deranged settlement known as "Arsenic Village."

The Bride of DirtMan

There was once a young lad named DirtMan. He was a friend to many, but he always felt something was missing. He would see others happy, and blushing. He had no idea why, though, and then, Dr. Bruno Van Stauffen came to the rescue. You see, Dr. Stauffen is a therapist and a scientist. He likes to find the problem AND solve it, but not always in the right way. So, poor DirtMan saw Stauffen's ad in the paper and decided to ask for his help. He walked in to see him already sitting in a chair. He pointed to a lounge chair next to him and said in his thick foreign accent,"Sit." DirtMan proceeded to the chair and sat down. "So, what is this problem of yours?" Asked Dr. Stauffen. "Well, ya see, I've been kind of bored lately, and I think it may have to do with me being...well, single." DirtMan blushed while saying this. Stauffen stared at him intently. He then started scratching his mustache and, observing DirtMan, he squinted his eyes. He then said "Aha!" and pulled out a remote from his pocket. He pressed a green button and DirtMan felt a small prick on from his backside. He jumped out of his seat and turned around to find a metal claw carrying a small bit of his dirt. "What did you do?!?" DirtMan yelled at Stauffen nervously. "Don't worry, nothing lethal. I'm just going to run some tests on your dirt." Said Stauffen. DirtMan was horrified. "W-what will you do then?" He asked in horror. "I'll find some way to make you happy." Stauffen replied, seemingly calm. While DirtMan was still horrified, this comment had somehow lightened the mood. "Err...okay?" He said to Stauffen. "When are you going to see me again?" Stauffen replied,"I'll send someone or something to get you." To this, DirtMan got up and left.

A few weeks later, DirtMan was asleep in his dirt hut when he heard a knock on his door. He woke up and looked out the window. It was mid-morning. He rubbed his eyes and sat up in his bed. He walked to the door in his robe and slippers. He opened it to find a female Dirtperson (much like himself) in a bikini. "Oh, are you DirtMa-" she began to say before DirtMan shut the door. He ran up the stairs of his DirtHut. He immediately changed into his normal green speedo/underpants and immediately ran to the door again. He opened the door again to see the woman. "Oh, hello. I was going to ask if you're DirtMa-" She was again cut off when DirtMan yelled "Yes!" at her. He was so excited to finally have met someone. "Well, since your DirtMan, I bring word from Dr. Stauffen. He says he used your dirt and implemented girl DNA to create me, your future bride." She said. DirtMan was almost jumping out of his dirt. He finally wouldn't be as bored or lonely. He hid his happiness and held the door open. "Wanna come in?" He asked. She nodded happily and walked right in. This was going to be a short week. DirtMan sat down and DirtWoman sat next to him. "So, err, what are your interests?" He asked her. "Well, I was told that I like whatever you like." She replied. "The doctor wanted me to become the perfect person for you." At this, DirtMan became very happy. He ended up just going throughout his daily routine. She did everything he did. From going out and harvesting crops on the dirt roof to slouching on the couch on the bottom floor. Soon, DirtMan and DirtWoman got to know each other better. DirtMan pulled a quick one and proposed to her with a red mushroom. "Will you marry me?" He asked her. She, of course, replied "Yes!" They were wed on a snowy day and were wed by DAVESDAVY.But DirtMan one night, things went horribly wrong. DirtMan decided to visit Dr. Stauffen and thank him for creating DirtWoman. He entered the lab and saw everything in a mess. The lights were even flickering. DirtMan found Dr. Stauffen knocked out and lying in the chair at his desk. DirtMan ran over to him and shook him awake. "Doctor! What happened to you???" DirtMan yelled at him. The Doctor came too and said,"DIRTWOMAN! PLEASE, NO!" He then looked around to see only DirtMan. "Oh, good, just you." DirtMan then said,"DirtWoman? How does she have to do with this?" And the Doctor replied,"Oh, um, yeah.... You see, when I cloned her using your dirt....I found some...err...side effects. They included severe mood swings, extreme obsession, and homicide." DirtMan couldn't help but stare in shock at the doctor. It was taking all his might not to smack him right across the face. "I found that only one trait would take full power, and I thought it was the mood swings, but, no, its the obsession." The Doctor said. DirtMan let out a sigh of relief. At least she wasn't a psycho murderer. "Well, I said it was the only one to take full power. The other two have taken effect." Said Stauffen. DirtMan then panicked and ran out of the lab. Stauffen yelled, "WAIT! Before you go, I need to tell you how to stop h-" But DirtMan was already through the doorway.

He dashed home. As soon as he burst through the door, a crooked voice came from the fence-post table where the torch once stood on a wall. "Where have you been??? It better not have been with ANYONE ELSE." It said. DirtMan shook his head. "No other woman, I just went to see Stauffen and tell him how well you were." "You're lying!" The crooked voice said. It stood up and walked into the light. It was a deformed version of DirtWoman. DirtMan quickly ran upstairs. The new DirtWoman followed him. He broke a glass block and jumped out the window. She was in the yard, waiting for him. She caught site of him. She pulled out a knife. DirtMan tried to run, but tripped and fell over. She came up and, odd as it may be, hugged him. DirtMan shoved her off. "W-what are you doing??" He asked her. She replied,"I forgive you, as long as you don't do it again. EVER" Her face went back to normal, up until she said never, at which point it was deformed again. DirtMan screamed and ran. DirtWoman chased after him with a knife in hand. DirtMan then knew what he had to do. He turned around and ran, right past her. He ran straight for the desert. He soon reached his destination, the lava pit. He turned around and caught DirtWoman. He knew what had to be done. He held her up, and threw her in. He stood there and watched her burn. It was the end of the Bride of DirtMan.

Alternate (Extended) Ending

It was the end of the Bride of DirtMan. He then realized, he was now the last Dirtperson alive. He felt sad, but just walked home. A few months later, DirtMan got a knock on the door. He was in his morning robe and opened teh door. He screamed to find a burnt and ashy DirtWoman staring at him. She just stared. She then said "You'll pay for this, DirtMan. And, to let you know, Stauffen sends his deepest regards...from 6 feet underground." She then jumped on DirtMan and started choking him. Right before he was about to lose consciousness, DirtMan punched DirtWoman and got up. Before he could finish catching his breath, he ran upstairs and hid behind a note block. DirtWoman ran up the stairs. "Where are you.... HONEY????" She said, turning her head from side to side. She then walked up to the note block. She picked it up and moved it. "THERE YOU A-" She said, just be before falling flat on her face. DirtMan saw an arrow in the back of her head. DirtMan looked up, and to his relief, Stauffen and DAVESDAVY stood at the top of the stairway. Stauffen was holding a bow, while DAVESDAVY was holding a diamond sword, seeming to be guarding the stairway. "" Was all DirtMan could manage to ask or say. "Well, DirtMan, its a long story. Well, not really. A few days ago in my lab, I was working on a concoction to help another patient when DirtWoman barged in, tied me up, and started to... do things. She cloned herself and knocked me out. When I woke up, I was laying in a bed in a small room with two torches. A sign on the wall said,'Die.' and I immediately remembered what happened. At that point, I searched my lab coat when I found a phone and thought of who to call. I then remembered the man who wed you two, 'DAVESDAVY' and I called him. He found that the room I was in was underground. Luckily, he tracked the cellphone signal and dug and mined me out of the room. I then told DAVESDAVY of what happened. We both then figured it out: she was going after you. So, we both headed to your DirtHut and found you, and that's how we're here." The doctor explained. DirtMan then asked,"So there's more?" "Yes, and we need your help to find them." Said DAVESDAVY. They then set out and killed as many as they could, before returning to the lab and finding even more cloning themselves. They fought many, but then the doctor got an idea. "I have an idea!" He yelled to DAVESDAVY and DirtMan. "What?" asked DirtMan. "I'll cover myself in dirt and lead them into some kind of trap that will end them permanently." Said Stauffen. "What???? Stauffen, you'll get yourself killed!" Said DAVESDAVY. "Well, its worth a shot." Said Stauffen. "Err..... I guess." Said DirtMan. Stauffen then ran to his desk and got a remote. He aimed it at DirtMan and shot some kind of laser beam. He then shot himself and a thick layer of dirt covered him. He then made a bunch of noise and attracted the DirtWomen. He ran as quick as he could and lead them off. After that day, he was never seen again, nor were the DirtWomen. Stauffen was soon forgot, but Notch knows where he disappeared to that day.

The Circled Kind

Jason, Carrey, and Jonah sat in a circle. They were waiting for their friend, Jackson, to come. They sat and soon Jason piped up. "What if he's dead?" He asked. "He couldn't be dead, Jason, there's no way he'd died out of the blue." Said Carrey "Yeah, he's just late." Jonah added on. They sat for 10 more minutes. Jason spoke again. "I'm hungry." He said in a whiney voice. "Fine, I'll go kill some pigs, Carrey'll set up the furnace and get out the coal, and you'll just......keep being Jason." Said Jonah. He then walked over to the door and was about to set out when a familiar face appeared. He opened the door to find Jackson staring back at him. "Jackson!" They all yelled in unison. Jackson showed no emotion and simply walked in. "Hello, my friends. Lovely weather, yes?" As Jackson said this, it thundered behind him and everyone else realized it was thunderstorming. "Um...sure..." Said Jason. "Say, do you wanna sit down? You seem a bit ill." Asked Jonah. "No, I assure you, my friends, I'm perfectly fine." Jackson said. All of the sudden, when Jonah put his hand on Jackson's shoulder, Jackson lashed out at him. "DON'T TOUCH ME, YOU FILTHY LITTLE-" He then held his hands up, and took a step back. "I am truly sorry, humanoid 'Jonah'" He said. Jonah was a bit creeped out. Jonah then went out the door to go hunt the pigs, and jason watched as Jackson took a seat. "Jackson, you aren't yourself today, are you?" asked Jason. Jackson slowly turned his head to him. "What could you possibly mean by that?" Asked Jackson. Thunder then struck outside and, for a second, Jason saw the outline of a circular being where Jackson once sat. Jackson was then there again, and Jason was a bit nervous. He turned around and walked away. "Well, I finally got the furnace working, after breaking and re-placing it many times." Said Carrey. Jonah then burst in the door. "PIGMEN! EVERYWHERE!" He yelled. he closed the door. "Did you get pork?" Asked Carrey. "Yeah, I think this'll be enough." He said. He then dropped 3 stacks of 64 pork. He looked over to Jackson, who was staring eerily back at him. He walked over to him. Without thinking, he punched him on the shoulder. His hands flew right through and his arm fizzled as if it were a T.V. screen. Jonah took a step back. He was in shock. "Who-who are you?" He said to 'Jackson,' who then replied,"I'm Jackson. Who else could I be?" Jonah tried to touch him, but this time, he felt Jackson. He walked over to Carrey. "That's not Jackson. It couldn't be." At that point, Jason piped in. "Of course it isn't. When the thunder struck, I saw some oddly shaped figure sitting where he was." They all looked at each other and noticed complete silence. They slowly turned around to see Jackson staring at all of them. "Its not nice to gossip." He said as his whole appearance started to fizzle and pixelate, just like Jonah had seen before. He slowly inched towards them when Jason ran to a room and shut the door. He blocked it off with obsidian, and Jonah and Carrey heard a chest open. They then looked back to Jackson and he grabbed Jonah's neck. He lifted him up by it and threw him across the room. "You should have just ignored the signs." Said Jackson. He turned to Carrey. He stepped in her direction. "I would let you live, but you've seen to much." He reached his hand into his pocket and pulled out an odd kind of gun. He then aimed it at Carrey when Jason lunged at him. He put the sword through his head, but it didn't seem to affect him. At this point, his whole appearance fizzled and pixelated again. It then completely changed into a short figure made of completely circles. Carrey looked at it in shock. Jason pulled his sword out of where the fake head had just been. He then noticed the monster-like creature had 3 eyes. It blinekd and stared at him. It then screamed. "Oh no, Mothership shalln't like this! I must inform them before its too late. It quickly ran out the front door. Jason watched it as it ran about ten feet from their hosue before yelling,"YOU SHALL ALL BURN WITH YOUR PLANET!" Lightning then struck it down. After that, they all sat down and discussed what just happened and kept armor at hand just in case anything were to happen. Nothing happened, but they will never forget the day they encountered what each of them agreed to be an extraterrestrial.

Alternate (Extended) Ending

After the small circular man had been struck down by lightning, they all sat down. The lightning cleared up and they all had some pork from the pigs. It had become day, and they were all very tired. But their adventure wasn't over, yet. As they all sat around and talked, a rather loud sound had gatehred around their house. ALso, when they looked out the window, the noticed that there was a shadow cast over them, as if something were above them. They all decided to go outside. They looked up to see a giant oval-ish shape hovering just above their roof. Its underside glowed until it shot out some kind of beam in the very middle. This beam started disassembling the house. Soon, some turrets came out of the sides and shot at trees and animals, starting fires and setting off explosions. At this point, when the trio tought it couldn't get any worse, more circular figures appeared and jumped off the hovering saucer-like machine. They attacked them and others headed off. Screams and explosions were heard in the distance. Carrey looked in horror as all the machines turrets aimed at them. Jason narrowly dodged their shots and Jonah had gotten blown away. Carrey was in bits, her armor, weapons, and inventory scattered all around. Jonah and Jason ran. They were going to have to look for others to help them. Jason looked back just in time to see the last of house disappear. His only thoughts were "And the war begins."

~ END ~

Soon to come:

Untitled Zombie Story