Most often called the Meeting of the Golems, Josef Furnace held a meeting with the most intelligent of his iron creations, along with his human followers. In this meeting, Furnace ordered his creations to spread out across Olexia and beyond and claim large regions under the name of Aperture. The meeting notably had several spies watching, whom's alleigance was with New Elgin.

Deep under the iron mines of Mycelia...

Igor, Josef's assistant, held up the head of a beheaded golem.

"The humans were waiting for us at the town, master. Some how they... knew," the golem proclaimed. Another golem from the back joined in. "We would advise delaying the secret attack on New Elgin through old mineshaft until their guard dies down." The golem suggested.

"Mm, would you. And, just so I'm clear, you would advise wasting precious time because of some heretofore 'tactical mastermind" in their ranks, who has been feeding them information by walking up to the mountain and sticking his ear in a hole, and on top of that every rebel clan from eastern Olexia is waiting for us right now, all crammed inside the tiny comfines of the town." There was a long pause. Finally, one golem responded positively.

BADDABOOP. "Affirmative."

Furnace rolled his eyes. "You... are imbeciles. But I blame myself. Because I created you."

"ALL HAIL THE MAKER!" All the golems exclaimed simultaneously.

"Ah, the hailing circuit. My one moment of weakness." Furnace said, flattered. "Very well, you worthless piles of iron. New Elgin will be spared for the time being. Let them rally all their forces to protect a doomed little village. But as long as they are there, every outpost in southern Olexia is vulnerable." Josef thought for one moment.

"Take them all. Occupy all of southern Olexia, then we will be able to strike from behind. Once we take the town, we move east towards Frozen LA, and pound it to the ground. Then, my creations... We take Minecraftia."

And without another word, every single Golem cleared out of the room, leaving only the loyal humans. Furnace gestured for them to leave, and then he reatreated to his quarters and began writing in an empty book. A cold chill was sent all across Olexia...