This is a story of good and evil, of light and darkness, and of Ender-Pearls. It all started with war...

Evil monsters from another world called "The End", attacked. The great kings defeated them, and, as a peace offering, the people of the end (Endermen) made 12 Ender-Pearls. Three Pearls for the Immortals, the great kings, three for the villagers, odd little men, three for the mobs, stupid monsters, and three for mortal lords, doomed to wither as skeletons. However, one amidst them was to betray them all, and his name was Jason Chainblade. He was the eldest of the Immortals, wise, handsome, charming. His Pearl had taken over his mind, but he hid his madness from all he met, except for one man, Will Ironfang, a fellow Immortal. He never trusted Jason, and now, Jason had gone out of his mind. His suspicions confirmed when he saw him go into a soul sucking, evil, dark hole of death, (aka The Nether) and in the molten lava, he reformed his Ender-Pearl into a device of evil, which he called... the Eye Of Ender!

One Pearl to rule them all, One Pearl to find them, One Pearl to bring them all And in the darkness, bind them.

More coming soon!

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