The League of Warriors was once a great faction of some of the most elite people in minecraft. Many members were once trouble makers, liers, stealers, and murderers. Many of them were part of the Morocco and Raiders clan, which both were ancient factions and towns. The warriors lived in many places due to the mythical mob "Lord Herobrine" which was summoned by the enemy.... Prefrence. Herobrine was first sited in a abandoned mineshaft by Miner. He sealed up the cave and thought it was done forever. But Herobrine stalked Miner, and he eventually stalked him to his home with the warriors. Herobrine destroyed everything and the warriors moved to a plains land, and they lived inside a mountain. Not much happened there except for the attacks by Prefrence. The world was then changed to the old world where Morocco and Raiders once resided. They decided to live at the raiders old city, where they lived peacefully until a spy came in and destroyed the city. The harbinger, Dcomando15, thought that a moderator had destoryed the city until he knew this person was framed. The man decided to take vengeance and entered the enemy guild and TNTed their town. Soon, the warriors took to the sky, where the harbinger made a sky city! There, in the city, was a memorial and story of the warriors. It told the story of the warriors up to that point. All of a sudden, a member disappears. Miner, stalked by Herobrine, was captured by him, Herobrine, himself. The Harbinger, Dcomando, and Dirty_Mallace searched everywhere. They came upon their old city, and found a note. They figured out that the moderator was murdered by Herobrine. Then all of a sudden, a couple days later, the world is shut down. But the story is not over yet.... for the warriors are spread out across the world of minecraftia, searching for each other.



Dcomando15 - Leader

Dirty_Mallace - Second In Command, Second in Command of Wolf Marines

Miner260349 - Moderator, leader of Wolf Marines

Leonasta - Moderator