The Hessian was a ruthless and bloodthirsty German soldier. His real name is unknown, he grew up in Berlin. The was a 1st lieutenant upon his death. He was born in 1749. Much of his childhood was unknown, but at the age of 17, he was drafted into the German army.


The Hessian carried basic German army gear, such as a backpack full of medical supplies, a musket, with a silver bayonet, that had a bloodstain on it, later, in the 1780s, it was replaced with a golden bayonet, that had a golden trigger. He also carried a hand-axe. Last of all, he carried a stone dirk, it wasn't a fine material, having a jagged blade, for more serious wounds, the dirk was never cleaned, which made a slice even more deadly from it.

  • His bayonet was a French model, handmade in 1768. He carried it with a silver bayonet, until the late 1780s, upon reaching 1st lieutenant.
  • The hand-axe he carried was large, and broad. He would only use it if he was battling someone in armor, to break off pieces of the armor with ease, leaving open a blow from his stone dirk.
  • The Hessian's stone dirk was purposely made of a more poor material, for more painful attacks, along with the jagged blade, making more than one main incision. The dirk was never cleaned, it was rumored that if you were ever stabbed by it and lived, you would fall to blood poisoning.

The Jägermeister

The Hessian was a very heavy alcoholic in his lifetime, he lost all of his family due to unknown reasons. He joined the German army in the hopes of doing his part in this world. He often drank Jägermeister alcohol, the other corporals would call him "The Jägermeister" as a nickname, for such. He did not take very kindly to this, but it eventually was used between the ranks more than his real name.

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