Span: 2000–Present

Territories Lost/Gained: Herobrine gains most land, Rebels hold off the Dark Army.



Sky Army



Acid Corporation

Dead Army


Dark Army


The Cult Of Israphel

The Shadow Brigade

DeadHeads Nation

The Bed Steelers Band Of Bandits

The Army Of The Nether

The Army Of The End


Unrest In The Overworld

In the beginning, a military organization named GMC attacked Minecraftia. Leading to civil war in Minecraftia. GMC and LiveStorm fought for a month. Until something terrible happened.

Invasion Of The Grand Village

On February 1, 2000 the Dark Army invaded the Great Village. The invasion lasted for 1 year. The Rebels held most of the territory but lost it.

Operatian: Nether Awoken

On March 17, 2001 Acid Corporation launched Operation: Nether Awoken. They invaded the Nether Villages and fortresses. Prompting The Fourth War.

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