The unnoficial First War of Minecraftia reportedly began on January 4th when an army of Iron Golems branded with the name "APERTURE" charged onto varying lands of Minecraftia, seeking to destroy all who stand in their way and occupy towns and cities across the land. Mysterious figure Josef Furnace is blamed for the occuptation, however he denies any involvement with the attacks and has not made any official statements. Genetically mutated creatures such as Zombie Pigmen and Skeletons have also been seen attacking, all of which share almost identical behavior  of past Aperture specimens.

Actual conflict began much before the official war, involving small rebel forces such as the NCR and those who refer to themselves simply as "rebels," however none of the groups are active at this time. The war at the time is simply referred to as occupupation, as little resistance has been shown against the Golems.

To be continued.

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