The Great Empire!

The Empire was founded on August 14, 2012. Its influence has captured many servers. Recently the Empire in a downfall due to war, treason, and much more.

Long Name - The First Minecraftian Empire

Short Name - The Empire

State Religion - Cakeism

Ethnic Group(s) - Minecraftians

Capitol - Minestorum, Pigroa

Monarch - Emperor Duke III

Members (Past and present)

  1. Dukerownsyou1
  2. Nbazey
  3. Aidanrogenes
  4. Caden_is_epic_28
  5. JabbatheHouse
  6. NeverShoutAlways
  7. Williamheff4
  8. Shineoneforme
  9. Gameandwatch1982
  10. Iisprolikedat
  11. Mulbytime
  12. Craftusaurus696
  13. Diamondude696
  14. Ase4555
  15. Tomzominecraft
  16. Spongexbobz
  17. Godzilla_123


Raiding Flamedudes

Emperor Duker was walking about on the Beats Gaming Pvp faction server, when he sighted an enemy base.

Raiding the Elites

Emperor Duke was walking once again through the server and found yet another base!

War on Portmine

On December 5th, 2012, the Empire declared war on the Kingdom of Portmine. Emperor Duke III vowed to personally execute King Griffin I. We have already raided their capitol.