The Ender Sacrificial Cremation (The ESC) is a sacrificial ceremony which requires the burning of a human being to bring life back to a killed enderman. The human was chosen out in the past by his Owner, Landlord or the King. In more modern times like today the Human is a volunteer and has to go through some tests first.

The History of the ESC

421BCE. (Indev 1.3) - The ESC was created when certain Enders in the Lodstykk (Law-Stik) Region discovered                                     a type of cure for the Endermen dying in the Resistance war between the Enders and                                       the Humans. 

423BCE. (Indev 1.3_2) - End of Resistance War caused the downfall of this technique however some small                                           Ender cult groups continued the use

72AD. (Alpha 0.12) -  Notch allows the technique to become legal in the full world of Minecraftia however the                                         human must be a volunteer to stop the slaughtering of helpless citizens

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