The Death of Herobrine is a story about terrovale the day they raided the Israhpel's Castle and what happend to Terrovale.

 Chapter 1 The Traitor

The Death of Herobrine when they killed Israphel the church was destroyed the entrance was blocked so that the portal to the nether could'nt be revealed and the villager named Herobrine turned evil. When the adventures Honeydew and Xephos came back from there journey into the hill they saw him Herobrine. When they saw him they could'nt believe that he survived but he did. He faked being good so he could gain their trust but they saw something suspicious that he was the man that lived on the hill in the house on the hill that was infested by monsters.

Chapter 2 Ender Fighter

Then Herobrine bated them into the monster trap that was made to keep monsters out of the village. The adventures Honeydew and Xephos didn't take the bate instead they said "let's go to the blacksmith's quaters and made new armour for them then Herobrine thought that he could bait them through the Ender Portal They went in but so did Herobrine they battled the Ender Dragon and killed it. They took the Dragon Egg with them back through the portal Herobrine was furious with himself so he thougt of taking a trip to Notch.

Chapter 3 The Challenge 

Then he asked Notch if so he was helping the adventurers Honeydew and Xephos Notch said "they are the good guys like you once were but they know what's right unlike you so they fight to help all there race". From this Herobrine was very mad he tried to fight Notch so he challenged Notch to a PvP arena battle.

Chapter 4 The Battle of the Arena 

Herobrine had skill with close range weapons but Notch had the Hammer of Notch and he is good with a bow.The day of the battle they said iron armour and diamond swords only unless you go mining and find stuff for enchantindg or better armour.Whe the battle began there was no wall around the arena so they could rome freely and all around the world. When the battle began they fought but Herobrine new he ouldn't win so he used his ironic speed to get away.Notch didn't like this he posponed the game and banned Heobrine from Minecraftia and killed him.His soul is now a glitchy thing in the world but the only thing that can now kill him totally is the Hammer of Notch. 


                                                        ~More to Come~

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