The Brethren Coast (officially BrethrenCoast) is a faction based out of the MCNations server. It was founded and is currently lead by Cannonwalker.


The creation of a "Brethren Coast" first occurred on July 7. Cannonwalker, with the help of AlReyesSpark, was able to acquire a nation in MCNations consisting of a few Caribbean islands. Cannonwalker immediately recruited AwesomeA321, Ned Edgewalker and Rocket 93 to the Brethren Coast, making his nation one of the largest in terms of numbers. Cannonwalker soon expanded his territory both with more help from AlReyesSpark and ObsidianVader's entry into the Brethren Coast, which allowed Cannonwalker to trade his former country away for more land. A player by the name of ErixeyaOfficial also joined the Brethren Coast, requiring a nation to base his own operations out of it.

The MCNations server officially opened on August 8. Cannonwalker got onto the server on August 12 and created the official Brethren Coast faction, inviting his four men into it. ErixeyaOfficial hasn't officially joined yet, however.


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