theZewery is a Finnish Minecraft player who LOVES parkour, croissants and magma cubes. His mission is to destroy all the chickens before they steal the Jelly Heart of Vigor in New-Stania. (Which is a made up country near Australia) To do that, he must go through many parkour courses, rescue many villages, destroying chicken bases and, of course, defeating many chicken commanders.

He is also a member of MCI (MineCraft Inspectors)

The Servers

theZewery plays often on multiplayer servers and sometimes he even starts to troll and grief in survival servers (NOTE: he does not grief/troll so badly. He just says other players to come to him to get a great reward. When a player reaches him, theZewery just says: Bye bye! And leaves) Once, while playing in a parkour server, he was just about finishing the map when he suddenly fell. On the ground, he started to look around and he discovered a hole in the wall. He used that hole to go out of map and he found a hidden parkour map outside the real map. He then went to a place that he has seen earlier and when other players saw him in there, they all asked: "How did you get in there??" If you want to see him in the server, come to this IP: He will usually be in the parkour section.

NOTE: Finland's time zone is +2


MCI is a group that solves problems in Minecraft.

There is currently 3 members in it (4 if counted the pet Magma Cube) this is the list:

  • Hayate Sani (The leader)
  • theZewery/ZeweryCrafter MC (The mission solver)
  • Utski Kowawski (NPC Villager, "does" the paper work)


Unfortunately, theZewery is VERY addicted to croissants and could do anything to have one. Other players can lure him somekind of trap with croissants (Golden Carrots)

However, he is very skilled at avoiding traps and can steal the croissant from the trap (must be a super trap to trap Zewery) For example: Pressure plate in middle of iron doors: theZewery will sneak next to the pressure plate and take the carrot (croissant) without activating the plate.

Links and Downloads


Info Box


Pic coming soon

Biographical Information
Age ???
  • ZeweryCrafter MC
Relatives sani-chan
Best Friend sani-chan
Enemies None at the moment
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Male
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Purple
Favourite Item
  • Magma Cream
Favourite Food
  • Croissant (They're DELICIOUS)
Favourite Biome
  • Mega Taiga
Favourite Block
  • Beacon
Political Alignment and Abilities
Alignment Good
  • Magma Cubes
  • Extreme parkour skills (Without the lag)
  • Fast building speed
  • Summoning Magma Cubes

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