Sword14wk is a legendary minecraft player, known as the one who killed the ruthless head admin Mytros666.


Sword14wk was born in the skull server, named because the server symbol was a skeleton skull. Sword's father was Axe14wk, a member of the admins and wanted to introduce reforms to make the iron server a better place. Sword was close to his father and his mother. When Sword was young, Sword's mother and Axe were killed in a home invasion . Sword was then raised in a skull orphanage and was known to speak only sometimes and was anti-social.

The skull army

Like most at the orphanage, Sword was conscripted into the skull army, and was considered the most loyal soldier. Sword participated in many battles, such as the desert battle and the takeovers of other factions. Sword was skilled in battle and he never left a soldier behind. Though over time, Sword found himself beginning to doubt the skull server, especially the head Admin Mytros.

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