Spark Flenger


Spark_Flenger is a dwarf warrior from Minenstock. He is a well and skilled adventurer and one of the main protagonists in The Chronicles of Minecraftia.


Spark_Flenger was born in the dwarven city of Minenstock. He has lived there his entire life. He was well known for being a very tough dwarf and decided to venture through Minecraftia. He does indeed return to his home at times. He one day ventured to northern Minecraftia where he met Master_Emma. They went on adventures throughout all of Minecraftia. They eventually met some other people (who's names I will come up with later) and they all ventured through Minecraftia. Eventually, they had to go on a journey to defeat Herobrine and save the world.


Spark is kind, but often hides it in order to act tough. Like all dwarves, he loves to mine.


he has an orange beard, usual dwarven clothing, black eyes, and a blue helmet, which he claims is made of diamonds.

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