Scythe1234 is a veteran Polish player, whose biggest hobby is trolling. When he played on a server for the first time, he robbed ALL the players, including himself. After that, he was banned. He knows all the mysteries of Crafting and Brewing. He also knows the weaknesses of every hostile mob in the game. A few months later he can be watched in Polish YouTube films made by Kosa-Robak Studio. His best way to avoid PvP is making hidden houses. It's also a good way not to buy an outpost. Scythe1234's favourite Minecraft food is, of course the cake. He also has respect for the Endermen, but he HATES Skeletons. He met Herobrine once and scared the shit out of him. He is like a ninja: He can only be seen, when he wants to be seen. Some times he types in a strange code. An example: AOHJY IQ YJR EPTAF AOLR S FTRSZ PM RSTYJ. He has hundreds of different skins and he changes them every time he shows up. He is very mysterious. He is about 2000 years old. He plays on a DragonCraft Polish server and a Five Kingdoms Tekkit Lite server. (More often on the second one.)   THE AUTHOR OF THIS ARTICLE IS NOT Scythe1234.

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