Runner Stone is the most notorious griefer known as the TNT griefer, despite being 19 years old. Runner is also the owner of his family business, Stone Fishing Industries as cover for his griefer activities.

Runner Stone


the TNT griefer


griefer, owner of Stone Fishing Industries


TNT, flint and steel




Moderators have permission from the admins to either capture him so the admins can ban him or ban him instantly on sight


Walker Stone(older brother, deceased), Cobble Stone(father, deceased)




Irondale server


Runner was born in the Irondale server. His father, Cobble Stone, was the owner of Stone Fishing Industries, a business that has been in the Stone family for 50 years. Runner was close to his older brother, Walker, who was secretly a griefer. When Runner was 15, Walker was caught griefing and was killed while trying to evade capture when moderator Menton33 shot Walker with an arrow. Mitch died of a heart attack a week later. Runner became overcome with grief over Walker's death. After Mitch's death, Runner became the owner of Stone Fishing Industries.

Griefer life

As age 16, a year after Walker's death, Runner followed in his older brother Walker's footsteps and became a griefer himself. Runner's first ever grief was blowing up Menton33's summer house and his first kill happened a day after his first grief. Runner's first kill was by blowing up Menton33's house with Menton33 inside it, avenging Walker. Then in just 1 week, Runner became the TNT griefer, the most notorious griefer. Runner griefed in over 10000 server, each time evading the moderators sent to either capture or ban him. Runner also has henchmen to accompany him sometimes when he does a grief.

Known henchmen and associates

Plak Mals: Rummer's right-hand man and main henchman

Mask66: A mysterious mercenary who works for Runner. Runner sends Mask66 to either kill players that know his secret or to eliminate competition. Runner always pays Mask66 in emeralds

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