POTCO is a player faction currently operating out of the Creatures Server. It was founded by ViceroyRobert on the evening of July 27th, 2014. However, he quickly handed over leadership of the faction to Cannonwalker and made a sister faction named Reagent (due to the original name of the faction being Catalysis) and the faction was renamed by Cannonwalker and Ned_Edgewalker to TheNewBrood. A day later, Cannonwalker handed the faction over to Ned_Edgewalker, but remained with the group. Shortly after, the factions fourth and final name, POTCO was decided upon.


Under Construction

On the evening of July 27th, 2014, Cannonwalker and four other members of Elitecraft's Templars went to a server known as the "Creatures Server." These members were Dirty_Mallace/AugustPetrovaBaronVonShushNed_Edgewalker and ViceroyRobert. ViceroyRobert founded a faction known then as "TheWikians," although he soon changed it to "Catalysis." Robert then left to make his own ally sister faction known as "Reagent." He left Cannonwalker in charge of Catalysis.

Cannonwalker, Ned and Baron set out from spawn to find a place to set up. However, they almost immediately encountered another player's castle. The castle looked like it had been attacked by enemies, and they saw an opportunity to loot. They stole various crops, mushrooms, cobblestone, redstone, coal, and various other things from the place. They then pressed onwards.

Baron, Ned and Cannonwalker climbed up and crossed a wooden platform, which led them to a mountain. It was night time and they were beginning to get hungry, so Baron planted what little carrots they had left in a nearby pond and Cannonwalker began construction on a house. When morning was reached, Cannonwalker constructed a more permanent settlement. In the day to come, Rocket_93 would also join the faction.

In the afternoon of July 28th, Rocket began hoarding the New Brood's supplies in a nearby ravine. When he got everything he wanted, he left the faction and fled. Cannonwalker and Baron attempted to chase him down, but to no evail. Cannonwalker, distraught that yet another faction he was in was weakened by a traitor, gave leadership of the faction to Ned_Edgewalker and left. However, Ned convinced Cannonwalker to return. Ned, Cannonwalker and Squirto then decided to rename the faction "POTCO," as "TheNewBrood" was only meant to be a temporary name. Among all of the chaos, Dirty_Mallace/AugustPetrova departed the faction for DAVESDAVY's faction, and former Templars member, Squirto19, joined the faction.


Past Names

  • TheNewBrood
  • TheWikians
  • Cataysis

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