Hello! My name is Octonocto7 (AKA Octo Nocto). I am currently a small youtube channel with a Minecraft server.

My server website

Little-Known facts about me

•I always seek company, but only from one person. Only applies to games. I am too popular in reality... :(

•I LOVE to cheat on games with mods (E.g: Minecraft, Terraria, Garry's Mod) And I never cheat on games that don't allow mods (E.g: Team Fortress 2).

•I always yearn to become a ghost and believe I shall be one some day.                         

•87% of the time I play games I play music.


As you read in the Introduction, I have a youtube channel.

Its name is Octo Nocto.

Sorry about the No-Upload thing. I will try to upload more.

That's all, folks!

This is all I really want to tell you about myself. Thank you for reading this, It tooks me about 30 minutes...



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