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Ned Edgewalker
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The Canadian

Known For:

Being a Templar, Leading POTCO


POTCO, The Templars

Ned Edgewalker is a Minecraft player who began playing in June 2014. He is mostly on The Creatures Minecraft Server on Factions, where he is the leader of POTCO. He can rarely be seen on Minedlands as a part of The Brotherhood of the Golden Pants. He can also be seen rarely on the Shotbow Network, playing MineZ. He is best known as a member of the former Elitecraft faction, The Templars


  • Ned in his 'Fred' skin. This is Ned's most popular skin.
  • Ned in his skin, based on the protagonist of the How to Train Your Dragon series, Hiccup.
  • Ned's skin based on his Pirates Online character, Ned Edgewalker. (Current, Permanent)

Elitecraft (2014)


Ned joined Templars on June 18, 2014. He participated in his first raid on June 23. He along with several other Templars, left Elitecraft on June 26 to focus on Minedlands, MC Nations, and other things.

The Creatures Server (2014-Present)


POTCO is a player faction currently operating out of the Creatures Server. It was founded by ViceroyRobert on the evening of July 27, 2014. However, he quickly handed over leadership of the faction to Cannonwalker and made a sister faction named Reagent (due to the original name of the faction being Catalysis) and the faction was renamed TheNewBrood by Cannonwalker & Ned. A day later, Cannonwalker handed the faction over to Ned, but remained with the group, and the faction was permantly named, POTCO.

Minedlands (2014-Present)

Brotherhood of the Golden Pants

Ned joined the Brotherhood on June 26.

MC Nations (2014-Present)

Government of the Brethren Coast

Ned joined the Government of the Brethren Coast as Pirate Lord of Saint Thomas. He will play on the MC Nations server when it is released.


  • Ned's name comes from the former MMORPG, Pirates of the Caribbean Online.
  • You can talk to Ned on the POTC Fanon Wiki, where he has over 2,500 edits.
  • His skin was made by Rocket 93.

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