Morocco was a 2012 POTCOPlayers original server faction, under the command of Peter Coalvane (Funnyguy651). Though it met a devastating end due to the fact that it had become a target, as it was so powerful, it's accomplishments as a faction go heavily underestimated. This is their story.

The Beginning

Mallace arrives

On March 23rd 2012, upon the advice of John Breasly (Dcomando15) Mallace purchased minecraft and began playing. As he first joined the original server, he was trolled by dukerowns you and DAVESDAVY. It wasn't until finally, Peter, who actually had a heart, offered him a small apartment in Morocco in exchange for labor, he began love to the game. Working as a cobble miner, Mallace quickly climbed the ranks and became great friends with Peter.


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