A Mole Creeper is a Creeper, but with heightened intelligence and special abilities that other Creepers lack.

Mole Creeper
Mole Creeper
Designation Sentient
Classification Biologically enhanced Creeper
Habitat Anywhere
Creator Parax
Average height 5'6"
Skin color Green
Appearance Similar to a Charged Creeper


The first Mole Creeper was created in one of Parax's labs approximately 5,000 years prior to his arrival in the land known as Olex. He genetically engineered the Creeper to have different capabilities, including heightened intelligence, digging, mining, hand to hand (or in the Creeper's case, feet or head) combat, and regeneration after exploding. After creating it, he released it out into the wild and let it take its course. This Creeper traveled to many lands—including Olex, several thousand years later—and proceeded to reproduce with the population, leading to the birth of an entirely new subspecies: Mole Creepers. The same Mole Creeper that Parax created eventually came to Olex several months after its creator's own arrival. Since then, it has become a terror to those it encountered.


Mole Creepers, like the original brand of Creepers, are sentient creatures. Like any other Creeper, they walk on four legs, stand approximately 5'6", and possess skin with a feeling similar to dead leaves. Essentially, they appear as a Creeper at first—specifically, Charged Creepers. However, they possess abilities that other Creepers do not have. For example, they are capable of digging and mining, storing what they dug or mined in an unseen inventory. Like any other Creeper, a Mole Creeper is capable of exploding (albeit as a last resort), though the explosion is larger. However, Mole Creepers have a trait that horrifies all their victims: regeneration after exploding. This makes tricking them into suicide ineffective, as the Mole Creeper will resurrect itself shortly after. This makes actual fighting the only effective way of killing a Mole Creeper.


Mole Creepers have easily recognized ways of hunting or killing their prey. Such methods include blunt force, beating victims with their feet or heads, biting, exploding, and most famously, digging the ground out from under their victims. These methods, most of them not being employed by other Creepers, make Mole Creepers very dangerous opponents, especially their digging and mining skills. They are also known to strip important resources from the surrounding areas of their prey, effectively causing economic turmoil in communities or starving others to death.


  • Some Mole Creepers will appear as normal Creepers instead of the usual appearance of Charged Creepers. However, these aren't technically "natural", and were genetically engineered to gain the intelligence and abilities of the natural ones.

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