Mojang AB
The banner for Mojang AB


Markus Persson
Jakob Porsér
Carl Manneh


Carl Manneh

Known for

Creation and development of Minecraft

Number of Employees

25 Employees

Current Location

Stockholm, Sweden

Mojang AB (Mojäng Aktiebolag—Swedish for "Gadget Ltd."), pronounced /mʊˈjɛŋ/ (muu-YENG), originally Mojang Specifications, is the indie joint-stock company responsible for the creation and development of Minecraft, and some other games. It was founded by Markus Persson, Jakob Porsér, and Carl Manneh. Located in Stockholm, Sweden, Mojang currently has 25 employees.
Taken from the Minecraft Wiki.

Current Employees

  • Markus "Notch" Persson (Founder, Creator of Minecraft)
  • Jens 'jeb_' Bergensten (Owner, Minecraft Coder)
  • Daniel 'Kappische' Kaplan
  • Markus 'Junkboy' Toivonen
  • Jakob 'JahKob' Porsér (Founder)
  • Carl Manneh (Founder, CEO)
  • Tobias Möllstam
  • Aron Nieminen (Lead programmer of "Minecraft - Pocket Edition")
  • Daniel 'danfrisk' Frisk
  • Mattis 'BomuBoi/Bomb Boy' Grahm
  • Lydia 'MinecraftChick' Winters
  • Henrik 'Carnalizer' Pettersson
  • Leonard 'xlson' Axelsson
  • Jon 'jonkagstrom' Kågström
  • Kristoffer 'KrisJelbring' Jelbring
  • Marc 'Midnight' Watson
  • Karin 'KarinSeverinson' Severinson
  • Andreas 'hideous_' Jörgensen
  • Anton 'EttGlasVatten' Albiin
  • Mathias '91maan90' Andersson
  • Mike 'E_Claymore' Till
  • Warren 'EvilSeph' Loo (Minecraft server development)
  • Erik 'Grumm' Broes (Minecraft server development)
  • Nathan 'Dinnerbone' Adams (Minecraft server development)
  • Nathan 'Tahg' Gilbert (Minecraft server development)

Other Games

Mojang has worked on a variety of other games.

  • Cobalt
  • Scrolls
  • 0x10c (in development by Markus Persson)

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