Minerzarmy is a faction devoted to keeping evil at bay. The leader is currently eagle_flame369.

Types of soldier


The basic infantry in the army. The swordsmen use swords as their main weapons and are melee infantry.


Knights are special soldiers. They have been knighted by king eagle_flame369 and are on foot or on horseback. They are elite soldiers.


Archers are soldiers who use bows and specialise in ranged combat. They also carry swords in case they need to use them.

Current Members

King: eagle_flame369

Second-in-command: Grittzio

More to be added soon!

Former members

  1. JRHO0804 left the army, forgot he was in it
  2. ThePieTurtle01 The faction was disbanded for a while, in that sense he isn't in it (he was the only member, anyway)
  3. wwolf557 betrayed us.
  4. ItzMaki went berserk when he wasn't promoted to officer.


  1. Lumineers

More to be added soon!


  1. Elite
  2. Battle

More to be added soon!

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