Miner260349 is a rookie at Minecraft, still learning the ways of his leader, and a harbinger, Dcomando15. Miner came from the desert world, south west. He then came to a small city, belonging to the infamous faction named Warriors, lead by the harbinger, Dcomando15. Miner earned his way into Warriors by the trust. He was sent into the Vikings faction and TNTed their town. And then to Japan, and TNTed the 1 man house, Davesdavy's, and succeeded along with the harbinger and second in command, Dirty Mallace. It is unknown where Miner has been though, he disappeared from Sky City before the server was terminated.

A letter from Miner was found in the old town where warriors lived, in the desert. It said " Farewell my faction. My harbinger, and my friends. It has been a nice run. I have been trapped inside a cave where Herobrine lives. I took the liberty of sending this last letter to you by escaping before being tortured and captured again. If you are finding it, inform the harbinger that Herobrine is out to get everyone that once belonged to the Warriors. For he is coming. May Almighty God be with you at this time. He will snatch you up like a hawk and take you to the bedrock like a serpent. Herobrine has already broken both of my legs and tortured me to nearly to the point of death, he found me wandering where you are right now. Whatever you do, do not leave Sky City. The surface is practically hunting ground. I have to go now, I can hear him coming back from hunting.

                                                       Farewell and always.