Mega2098 or "Sharple"

Faction Leader:


Expert at:



Isle of Fruit, Realm of Jolvo


Personal Skin

Other Expertise

Hunting, Raiding.

Passed Factions

Warriors, Raiders, McOct

Mega2098, better known as "Sharple", is an adventurer in the Realm of Jolvo and enjoys to hunt his prey in the dark. Sharple skills include: Parkour, crafting, building, owning, and (most importantly) pwning.

Early Age

Sharple was borned on the Isle of Fruit on Minecraft version 1.0.0. During his early ages, he was taught parkour and sword fighting by his father. Sharple's father was a blacksmith, and crafted the most inexpensive equipment in the Realm of Jolvo. Taking advantage of his education, he began to set off for his own adventure when he reached the age of 16. Most of his childhood he was isolated because of how shy he was around newcomers and never fit into the pie the right way. At the age of 15, his father mysteriously disappeared and his ill mother died in the same day his father disappeared.

Once he became 20 years old, he went to quest for more emralds and diamonds. He discovered the Legend of Isphael, where this creature would kidnap and execute his victims, to acquire all of their items.


Sharple began to learn how to hunt animals at the age of 25. He killed Red Panda and Tapir. His mentor was none other than the famous, Yu Su Ah Li. Sharple meant Li during one of his expeditions to the nether, where Li used his expertise in explosives to save Sharple's butt. His favorite book that inspired him to go hunting was The Most Dangerous Game, however, his favorite thing to hunt was cows. Cows were the number 1 thing that annoyed him the most, their constant moaning and they're useful leather just laying there on their body, waiting for a wolf to just munch on it. He always loved to take out the cow's heart and hold it up in the air and yell "PEARS", one of his least favorite fruits.


  • SimplyCrafted
  • Mineplex
  • Anthony's Server

Favorite Texturepacks

  • Chewcraft
  • Faithful texture pack
  • Faithful Texture Pack