Manifested_Unknown51 is a MineCraft urban legend that spawned in a video by TheSkullzLP. He was sighted by the channels owner, CosmicMuffin736. He was reported by the viewers to be in nine videos before he disappeared. He also made appearances in several other channels as well including his friends channel LongShot195.


Manifested_Unknown51 has he appearance of and assassin in black and gray robes with no visible face. He sometimes appears with a diamond sword or pickaxe. Rarely a cape.

List Of Appearances In TheSkullzLP

1. In the video Something Isn't Right Here. He isn't seen but a pretty convincing sign is left in the middle of the jungle telling Cosmic to "GetOutOfMyGame".

2. In Episode 7: The Diamond Hunt, as Cosmic pans around his Minecraft house there is a nameplate visible with name Manifested_Unknown51.

3. In Episode 9: Someone Griefed The Village!, cosmic finds another sign created by him that says "Enjoy :]"

4. In Episode 10: I'm Done With This Jokester, Cosmic gets attacked by ManifestEd_Unknown51. Almost dying Manifested flees and Cosmic starts calling him out over chat.

5. In Episode 20: I Think He's Gone, Manifested hijacks the plane over the Village Council Building and dropped 14 blocks of TNT on The Council Building.

6. In Episode 21: WTF??!?!?: Cosmic begins to investigate the Councel Building Explosen. Cosmic begins to realize that this isn't he work of a griefer but a ghost. After getting attacked by Manifested the second time in the series he starts asking people who say that they didn't see him.

7. In Episode 22: The Search Party, Cosmic and a group of 3 people over a Skype call search for Manifested. After getting attacked by him 3 times in the video, Cosmic chases him to the edge of the Village where Manifested teleports outside the wall and runs away. Cosmic announces to his friend that this has officially become a LiveStorm problem.

8. Episode 40: Ender Dragon Defeated, Cosmic sights Manifested and attacks him. Cosmic calls for LiveStorms back up redirecting there fire from the Ender Dragon to Manifested. When Manifested leaves, he leaves behind a massive explosion that kills 20 players and the Ender Dragon destroying part of the End.

9. In Episode 43: LiveStorm Memorial Service, Manifested crashes the memorial by destroying the top of the church dropping sand on the attending LiveStorm Members including Cosmic. Manifested lights the church on fire as the LiveStorm members leave and attack Manifested.

10. In Episode 49: Whelp, He's Not Leaving: Manifested kills Ash on camera I front of cosmic

List Of Appearances In LongShot195

1. In the video Let's Play MineCraft Episode 4: Manifested is back: Adh is attacked and killed by Manifested.


Manifested_Unknown51 is highly dangerous and you should flee if you see him.

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