Mace Sword


moderator (formerly), mercenary


emerald sword


LAVA, himself

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Mace Sword is a former moderator and mercenary who is the subject of a failed super soldier project. Mace works for the griefer organisation known as LAVA

Moderator description

Mace Sword was once a dedicated moderator, known to always follow the rules and when he had to catch a griefer, he never gave up until the griefer was caught. Mace was a famed and highly decorated moderator in the city server and was well respected. Mace used an iron sword as his weapon of choice.

Project Golden Apple

One day, Mace Sword volunteered to be one of 15 test subjects for the super soldier project known as Project Golden Apple. However, Mace was the only one of the 15 test subjects to survive the project and received Strength II, Regeneration II, Resistance, Fire Resistance and Swiftness II for an infinity amount of time, but had a period of insanity and killed 5 moderators, which lead to the project being abandoned and Mace was discharged as a moderator for killing 5 moderators.

Becoming a mercenary and working for LAVA

After his discharge, Mace Sword became a mercenary, using his abilities to his advantage as well as an emerald sword. As his first ever mercenary contract, Mace Sword was contracted to kill moderator Wood11 by LAVA, a griefer organisation for 10 000 emeralds. Mace accepted and, using his enchantments to his advantage, was able to get through Wood11's guards with ease and killed Wood11.


After his first contract, Mace continued to work for LAVA, with his main employer being NyanCat, as a mercenary, using his enchantments to his advantage. In just 3 years, Mace earned a reputation as the deadliest mercenary. Mace has killed moderators and admins for 13 years on the behalf of LAVA, including famed moderator Axe48. Mace is now wanted in different servers, including the city server. Mace will only accept contracts if the pay meets his standards. He will not only accept pay in the form of diamonds, gold or emeralds, but will also accept paymant in the form of rare weapons to add to his collection of rare minecraft weapons.


Mace Sword's collection of weapons include an emerald sword, a diamond bow and diamond arrows, emerald throwing knives, a mini crossbow pistol that fires darts laced with poison IV, TNT grenades and poison V gas bombs, all of which are rare to find in minecraft

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