Latias Business is a company run by Latias1290. It currently only exists on DKCraft. It is often abbrievated as LB or LTS Business. It is divided into multiple branches:

  • Latias Business Trading - easy and secure trading between players.
  • Latias Business Villager Housing - give Testificates a place to live, and players a trading post.
  • Latias Business Redstone - fast yet professional redstone machines.
  • Latias Business Building - from the tiniest dirt houses to the most fantastic castles - you name it.

It was previously run by Latias1290 and Stefan230799, but as Stefan230799 quit playing on DKCraft Latias Business is now run only by Latias1290.


A branch that allows players to trade their items while they are not both online. This is achieved by a website(not launched yet) that allows players to register buy and sell offers and wait until a suitable match is found. Once that happens, both players will get an email informing them and both players can agree for a date when they can both come online and trade their items. This branch makes its profit by taking 10% from the transaction. So for example, if a player would sell 64 oak wood logs for 50 In-game Dollars, 40 In-game dollars would be for the selling player, and 10 In-game dollars for Latias Business. It started on 1 July 2013.

Villager Housing

This branch goes into work by founding Villages or Apartments when Testificats can live. It currently founded 1 Village and has made housing for a total of 20 villagers. This branch makes its profit by trading with the Testificates and re-selling the traded items for a higher price. It started on 23 June 2013.


Redstone contraptions and equipment for a reasonable fee. It started on 5 May 2013. Here follows the Catalogue:


Contraption Type DKD(xDeeKay Dollars) Notes
Pure switch $1
Light switch


Hidden Gateway(1 switch) $15
Hidden Gateway(2 switches) $20
Iron Golem/snow Golem/Wolf Release $20 Golems/wolves not included
Snow Golem Release $50 + $50 per golem Golems included
Iron Golem Release $50 + $300 per golem Golems included

Chest trap(lava)


Very impractical in wooden bases

May need admin permission

Chest trap(pistons) $50
Drawbridge $25 from Latias Business Building + $75
Landmine $250 Very dangerous when close to each other and if you have a Self-destruct!
Turret A $50 Arrows not included
Turret B $500 64 arrows included(32 per dispenser)
Self-destruct $250 + $100 for every 10x10x10 area May need admin permission
Blast Bunker $500 – $100 if you have the Self-destruct + $50 for optional extension(see notes) Optional: Self-destruct will trigger the iron door, and a button inside will close the door. 
Memory Array(1 bit)(RS NOR Latch) $5
Memory Array(10 bits)(RS NOR Latch) $40 Save $10
Memory Array(100 bits)(RS NOR Latch) $450 Save $50
Memory Array(1000 bits)(RS NOR Latch) $900 Save $100
Memory Array(1 bit)(T Flip-Flop) $10 More expensive then RS NOR Latch but much more practical and compact
Memory Array(10 bit)(T Flip-Flop) $130 Save $20
Memory Array(100 bit)(T Flip-Flop) $1,300 Save $200
Memory Array(1000 bit)(T Flip-Flop) $10,000


Save $5,000

Control Room $100 + $250 for each component
Automated Train Station $250 + $500 from Latias Business Building + $250 per track
Street Light $100 + $30 per lamp

Open/close Incinerator


May need admin permission

BUD Switch $75
Time Machine 999,999,999 May need to wait for Minecraft 100.0

Raw Components

Latias Business Redstone also sells raw redstone components.

Item Price Notes
Redstone Dust x 1 $1
Redstone Dust x 100 $75 Save $25
Redstone Torch x 1 $2
Redstone Torch x 100 $175 Save $25
Redstone Repeater x 1 $5
Redstone Repeater x 100 $450 Save $50
Button, Lever, Stone/wood Pressure Plate $5 each
Weighted Pressure Plate(light) x 1 $100
Weighted Pressure Plate(light) x 10 $9900 Save $100
Weighted Pressure Plate(heavy) x 1 $75
Weighted Pressure Plate(heavy) x 10 $725 Save $25
Redstone Comparator x 1 $25
Redstone Comparator x 100 $2400 Save $100
Rail x 1 $10
Rail x 100 $950 Save $50
Powered Rail x 1 $50
Powered Rail x 100 $4750 Save $250
Detector Rail x 1 $15
Detector Rail x 100 $1450 Save $50
Activator Rail x 1 $15
Activator Rail x 100 $1450 Save $50
Daylight Sensor x 1 $10
Daylight Sensor x 100 $950 Save $50
Trapped Chest x 1 $10
Trapped Chest x 10 $190 Save $10
Tripwire hook x 2 $5
Tripwire Hook x 20 $45

Save $5


This branch is pretty obvious - it builds stuff! Prices arent predefined, but the branch judges the order and thinks up a price instead. It started on 1 July 2013.

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