Jon SpurceWood/Blaze101


Moderator (formerly), vigilante griefer


iron sword (as Jon SpurceWood), lava traps (as Blaze101)

Jon SpurceWood was once a famed moderator. After he was left for dead by his former partner IronMan111, he became the vigilante griefer known as Blaze101


As Jon SpurceWood

Jon SpurceWood was a famed moderator, known for following the server rules and was dedicated to catching griefers. Unlike other moderators, Jon was known to be incorruptible and never gave in to bribes made by griefers, though his partner, IronMan111, was a corrupt moderator after he accepted bribes from griefer GunpowderTNT. Jon was not hesitante to expose moderators who were corrupt. One day, however, while he and IronMan111, to capture Gunpowder, IronMan111 and the other 5 moderators betrayed Jon and trapped him in a cage. Gunpowder then pulled a leaver to open 2 pistons and lava came pouring down and Jon seemingly burnt to death.

Becoming Blaze101

Unbeknownst to all, including IronMan111, Jon had somehow survived being burnt to death. Vowing revenge on GunpowderTNT for killing him and IronMan111 betraying him, he reconstructed his skin altogether. After renaming himself Blaze101, he began planning his revenge on GunpowderTNT and IronMan111

Exacting his revenge

After 5 years of careful planning, Blaze101 then proceeded to put his plan of revenge into action. First, he kidnapped GunpowderTNT and placed him in the lava cage trap that resembled the trap Blaze was killed in. Despite Gunpowder pleading for his life, Blaze simply pulled the leaver without hesitation and watched as Gunpowder burned to death.


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