Joe the Monsta
Joe the Monsta

Real Name

Joe Brinely

Minecraft Name



Skylord Xephos


Dark caves


Eatting, murdering

Weapon of Choice

His hands




USS Enterprise

Known for

Eating brains

Joe The Monster is a huge zombie, ready to sit on just about everything and anyone. Joe usually just loves riding on his Spiders, even though the spiders hate it, Joe just loves it.

Early Life

Joe was an orphan at birth, since his parents had him born in the daylight they all burned to hell while Joe was unharmed. Somehow Joe was unable to walk in the dark without getting set on fire, it is like having the opposite of the zombie problem. After that Joe became very unfit and then started growing by... rotten flesh, and also nether wart.

Adult Life

Later in his adult life Joe became fond of Herobrine, he then joined Herobrine to help him murder the defenseless, and scare the living crap out of NPCs and normal players. Joe then became labelled as "Joe The Monsta"

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